About Keenlee

At Keenlee we believe that art is one of the most exciting, fun and enriching parts of life and that it should be a bigger part of everyone's life.  

We also believe that the current experience of finding, researching and buying art is not as fun or easy as it should be - it can be a time-consuming, intimidating process and therefore results too often in either blank walls or art that doesn't bring a high level of joy to the owner.  

The great news is that there are many art consultants, advisors, professionals, enthusiasts, collectors and others who can help with this experience and who enjoy educating others about art and making art fun for them.  But they're hard to find!  

That's where Keenlee comes in.  

Our Vision is to be the starting place where people come whenever they want to find great art whether for homes or businesses and whether for purchase, rental or exhibition.

Our Mission is to create incredible art experiences for a very wide and inclusive group of people and support the broader arts community in the process.  We do this by helping individuals and businesses use art to transform their spaces into incredibly rich, visually stunning environments that reflect who they are, help tell their stories, and bring joy to their families, friends, teams and customers.


We hope that you'll join the Keenlee network as a client, art advisor, art consultant, gallery, artist, or other art professional!



Keenlee's Values

  • We believe that art creates richness in life and that those who are art experts should help those of us who are less experienced to learn about and experience art so we can all share in that richness.  

  • We never pressure our clients to buy.  We believe it's important for our clients to take time to find the right art, because art should be an experience, have stories associated with it, feel really good and be really fun.

  • We believe that our clients should never pay more for art then what they'd pay at retail if they found it themselves, and we strive to be as transparent as possible about how our pricing, and the general pricing in the art industry, works.

  • We believe in supporting the broader global arts community by exposing the great artwork of our artist and gallery partners to clients excited to discover their work, and by treating them fairly and honestly in all of our dealings.

  • And we believe that running an art business should be as fun and enriching as the art itself.  We work hard for our clients and partners, but we also take time to enjoy art and life and strive for balanced, healthy lives!



Why Keenlee Exists

Keenlee was founded by Joe Siedel, who saw firsthand that too many people were missing out on the enriching power of art because they didn't know how to get involved in what they believed was an intimidating and overwhelming world that only those with the luxury of excess time and money could enjoy.  Joe had no formal training in the art world prior to founding Keenlee so very much understands being an art world "outsider".  As he began to collect art himself, he realized how much knowledge exists inside the heads of art world professionals and how hard it is to access that information unless you have the right relationships.  So he founded Keenlee to bridge that gap and make art accessible to everyone.

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Joe spent as much free time as possible drawing and painting.  He learned to appreciate art more formally when his mother founded a volunteer-based art program in the local public schools to offset the impact of budget cuts.  But like many of us, he let his passion for the arts lie dormant as he entered the working world and began a family.  Fortunately, with the recent proliferation of art availabile through art fairs, open studios, street art and online marketplaces, he rekindled his passion.  

In addition to running Keenlee, Joe also organizes a network of San Francisco Bay Area art enthusiasts, collectors and interested persons who visit local studios, galleries and non-profits with a dual mission of educating and inspiring people who aren't able to make art part of their regular lives and to support the Bay Area arts community.  (interested in joining? contact Keenlee - it's free to join!)

Joe lives in Oakland, California with his wife and three children.  Prior to founding Keenlee he founded or worked for a series of successful investor-backed businesses and previously worked as a Consultant for Bain & Company. He holds an MBA and undergraduate degree from Stanford University (where he was fortunate to have taken a photography 101 class from Binh Danh) and also enjoys wildlife and college football. Among many others, his favorite artists include Margaret Kilgallen, Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Jonas Wood.