Galleries and Artists - we’ve launched a new platform that allows you to create personalized Viewing Rooms and interface with Art Advisors and other clients in a contemporary digital environment at Liaison Art.

Keenlee for Artists, Galleries and Artist Representatives

Keenlee's platform is unique in the art world by bringing you customers actively looking to purchase art, not just casual visitors or observers.  We offer Artists and Galleries the opportunity to respond to Keenlee customer inquiries by submitting works of art that might appropriately fill a customer's need for art for a specific space in their home or that fits a specific collecting need, thereby giving you an opportunity to sell your work to customers who are excited to own it.

Benefits of working with Keenlee include

  • The opportunity to offer your work or artists to consumers and collectors who are ready to buy, not just browsing

  • The opportunity to have your work offered through our network of Art Advisors, who then may use you both through Keenlee or for their other clients

To join our network and have the ability to respond to requests for art, please click the button below to contact us and include a link to your website or other information about your work or the artists you represent.