The role of photography

2018-02-23 14.12.52.jpg

Yesterday we attended the 2018 Photofairs San Francisco, an art fair devoted entirely to photography.  We were blown away by the quality and creativity of the works!  So we wanted to share our thoughts on why photography should be strongly considered when adding art to your living or work space.

People often shy away from using photography in their spaces because so much of the work available are shots of beautiful travel destinations, landscapes or animals that, while typically beautiful and high quality shots, are frankly a bit generic in today's world where anyone with a smartphone can suddenly take great pictures.  

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But if you explore galleries and artists who specialize in photography you're going to find a whole world of works that don't fit these stereotypes and are true works of art.  And importantly, diversifying the art in your home by incorporating photography makes for a much more interesting and enjoyable atmosphere than a home or office full of paintings (we'd similarly suggest mixing in drawings/illustrations and sculptures, even if small).

And take a liberal view of what constitutes a photographic work.  Explore mixed media pieces incorporating photography.  Look at very small scale and very large scale pieces.  Photographic collages.  Digitally-adjusted pieces.  Photographs of photographs.  Etc.  All were on display yesterday. 

Finally, spend the money to frame it right.  A beautiful frame will help make the piece, and we'd recommend avoiding mats unless it really adds to the piece.

Want to explore photography for your space?  Keenlee has some really great options in our network and would love to help.  As always, it's free for all clients - interior designers, individuals, collectors, commercial clients!  Contact us or complete an art profile to get started.