Complete the profile at the link above and note your interest in art rentals when asked.


Why Use Keenlee for Art Rentals?

Keenlee has partnered with Root Division to offer art rentals for three reasons:

  1. Expertise - Your portfolio will be curated by Root Division's highly experienced curatorial staff.

  2. Access - Root Division works with over 200 high quality emerging and established artists.

  3. Community - Root Division's mission of empowering artists, promoting community service, inspiring youth, and enriching the Bay Area through engagement in the visual arts allows you to support your community.

The result is that our clients receive access to some of the highest quality art available, curated by experts specifically for their space, and support the local arts community by doing so.

And all at prices that fit your budget!


How It Works

  1. Tell us about your art needs by completing a brief profile.

  2. Based on your needs, a Root Division Art Advisor curates art options from their network of over 200 high quality artists.

  3. Select your preferred art options and rental period, with rental periods as little as three months.

  4. Root Division art experts professionally install and remove your artwork.



Rental fees:  $15 per square foot of hanging space per 3 month interval.

Install + removal:  $50 for the first 10 square feet of hanging space, $25 for each additional square foot.  Additional fees may apply (for example, oversized works).

Buying art:  You retain the option to purchase the art at any time; any rental fees paid to date will be offset against the purchase price.


Where our Art Rental Services are Offered

Currently Keenlee's art rental services are available only in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and the surrounding communities).  If you're located outside of this region, please contact us to discuss options.


Ready to Rent Art?

Just complete the following profile and note your interest in art rentals when asked.